At Trinity Preschool, we believe children learn through many means and modalities. We offer a variety of activities that meet children’s individual needs. Our staff matches age-appropriate abilities to skills which provide a solid foundation for later learning and school success.

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Our Curriculum Perspective:


  • Utilize information from all surrounding school districts, so that we teach to the most difficult district. Therefore, wherever your child attends school, they will be prepared for entrance.


  • A balanced approach to challenge strong areas and strengthen weak spots.


  • Cover a range of skills which are appropriate for Preschool entrance to Kindergarten entrance.


  • In addition to our regular, comprehensive curriculum throughout the year, Trinity offers a variety of optional Enrichment classes for 3, 4, and 5-year old enrollees.


  • Lateral movements (running, changing directions, balancing)

  • Transferring weight (climbing, dancing)

  • Developing aim (kicking, throwing and catching)

  • Identifying personal and group space


  • Eye-hand co-ordination (stacking, stringing, pouring, drawing)

  • Scissor skills and spatial understanding (puzzles)

  • Developing grip and control on writing instruments

  • Developing pincher grip (sorting, hole punching)​​

  • Sorting, pairing, labeling, matching

  • Classifying by attribute (size/shape/color)

  • Sequencing, patterning, graphing

  • Counting, equalizing, ordering

  • Observing, using the five senses

  • Comparing, contrasting, classifying, categorizing

  • Estimating, predicting outcomes

  • Weighing, measuring

ART EXPERIENCES (open-ended, creative)
  • Painting, stamping, rolling, molding

  • Using stickers, glue, and tape

  • Tearing, cutting, figure-ground discrimination

  • Mixing colors, color shades



  • Copying movements, short-term recall

  • Tempos, rhythm, start and stop, high and low notes

  • Auditory discriminations, moving to music, mood

  • Using musical instruments


  • Developing self-awareness and awareness of others

  • Identifying means of travel

  • Learning about “community”

  • Exposure to the environment and conservation



  • Dramatic play, reading facial expressions and body language

  • Listening skills, following directions, tracking, visual discrimination

  • Left to right, top to bottom, ordering, sequencing

  • Phonemic awareness, labeling letters, rhyming

  • Communicating, lengthening attention span, listening

  • Develop an understanding of cause/effect, self-help skills (dressing, clean up)

  • Beginning and finishing a task, safety procedures, problem-solving

  • Develop independent abilities and collaborative play

  • Gospel orientation (knowing you are unique, forgiven, loved, special)

  • Daily Bible stories, prayer, and songs

  • Centering on the Person of Jesus



  • Exposure to new skills,

  • Practice/refine skills

  • Provide a challenge to build on current abilities


Each enrichment class requires a registration and payment.  Enrichment classes vary: some are for a mixed age group, others are for 4 & 5’s, and one is for children who will be attending Kindergarten the following Fall school year. 


How long is the school year?

Our Center runs on a nine-month school year, from approximately Labor Day through Memorial Day, for a thirty-six week period. A two week Christmas break and a one week Spring break correlates with the surrounding school district break periods.






What are your staff qualifications?


Trinity boasts a stable, professional staff. They began the center in 1974 and have been actively teaching in the Center for over 40 years. 
Both Diane and Terry are a fully degreed professional with both a B.A. degree and a Master’s degree. In addition, each complete both a Food Handler certificate every 3 years, plus 15 or more in-service hours annually, including first aid, CPR, and AED training.
Both have taught Early Childhood classes at local colleges.



What is the ratio of your teachers to students?


  • THREES: Classes are 8 to 1.


  • FOURS: Classes are 10 to 1.


What age does my child need to be to attend?

Traditionally, Trinity Preschool serves young children from the time they are three years of age and toilet trained to the time they enter Kindergarten. Children must be three by September 1 to enroll in the current school year.  The 2020/21 school year is a transitional year for us, and we currently are only enrolling for the 4s age group.



What if my child has a conflict with another child or staff member and needs to be disciplined?


Trinity uses redirection. We believe that children should learn to use their words to verbalize their needs. We also use documentation (like writing your name on a list). We give the child a second, similar toy while waiting for his turn, or give the child a chance to do another activity - alone or with his teacher. We encourage children to talk with one another and problem-solve, explaining their feelings and talking through concerns. We model positive ways to deal with conflict.

Trinity Preschool is a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church

Preschool Office: 1101 Kimberly Way, Lisle, IL 60532

Phone: 630.964.1276  ​

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